Top 5 Reasons for Using Field Management Software

Asset management is a challenge, one faced by almost every type of business in the world. As a matter of fact, asset management practices have everything to do with the earnings of utility enterprises. Since weak, disorganized, and inconsistent job lifecycles can slow down the progress of a company until it can no longer operate, entrepreneurs need to establish whether they’ve set up their businesses for success or failure. Besides improving the job lifecycle flow, properly implemented field scheduling applications can equip business management teams with the tools needed to ensure success. Here are five good reasons why businesses need to use field management software.

1. Customer data access

With access to the required information, service technicians can address a customer’s request more effectively. As such, ensuring this level of accessibility contributes towards effective preventative maintenance and workforce management. By providing customer contact information and histories, field management applications make it easier to complete the job, reducing the time required. The lesser the time needed to complete a request, the more your business and its customers stand to benefit. Additionally, field management solutions can provide access to specific details like equipment model numbers, meaning your service technicians will have everything they need to close tickets in a single visit.

2. Route planning

When it comes to remote workforce management, businesses usually rely on proper planning and coordination. With a field management solution, you can organize customer requests by location, reducing travel time, motor vehicle wear and tear, and fuel expenses. Besides creating time for more requests, a much tighter schedule gives you more time to focus on high-priority requests. In fact, GPS enabled applications can map out the most suitable route based on traffic and time-of-day.

3. Work order management

With a properly implemented field management application, you can create work orders internally and assign tasks to your field technicians remotely. The scheduling will be based on factors such as proximity, availability, urgency, and level of expertise. This enhanced functionality allows businesses to meet the needs of their clients with greater quality and speed. As such, both the company and the customer can end up saving a lot of time and money.

4. Recapture unapplied time

Field management software solutions can make the progress of all your work orders more visible. Technicians usually expect an 8-hour workday pay. But it’s not uncommon for some of them to pad their timesheets or perform non-billable tasks whenever an assignment is completed early. Field management applications can increase transparency and help reduce non-billable work, both of which can help improve productivity.

5. Identify trends

For field management solutions, reporting tools that can help you identify workflow patterns are a standard feature. Thanks to this functionality, productivity versus schedule saturation trends will become apparent, making it easy to weed out underperformers.

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