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6 Signs You Have a Cavity

Did you know that cavities rank as one of the most common health conditions in the world? Although they can be hard to detect at first, as a cavity develops you may experience the following symptoms. Here are six signs that you have a cavity and it is time to visit the dentist.

1. Constant Toothache

If you suffer from a severe toothache, it could be the first symptom of a cavity. Often enough, decaying teeth develop sensitivity when coming into contact with something else, especially a hot or cold liquid. However, usually, the pain is in the gums, rather than the actual tooth. If you suffer from sharp, throbbing pains, you may as well have a cavity you need taken care of.

2. Bleeding From Brushing

Since cavities can cause blood irritation, it’s not uncommon to experience bleeding from brushing your teeth. If you experience frequent bleeding from brushing, you may have either a fully-developed cavity or a gum condition.

3. Sensitivity to Temperature

If you experience strong sensitivities to your teeth, you may have a cavity. Infected teeth generally have a sensitivity to hot or cold beverages or foods, making it hard to consume food, especially if left untreated. Since your teeth have nerves inside them, the larger and more severe your cavity gets to the nerve, the worse it will feel.

4. Dark Spots on Your Teeth

Although some cavities appear on your teeth as holes, other variations can look like stains or spots on the surface of your teeth. However, brown, white, or black spots are symptoms of cavities, rather than stains from food or beverages. Another way you can tell is if the area on your tooth is sticky or soft. The more the cavity grows, the more likely your tooth is to chip or break. If you’re noticing strange discoloration on your teeth, you should schedule a Whitby dentist appointment to check whether or not it’s a cavity.

5. Bad Breath

Since cavities can create small holes in your teeth, it’s not uncommon for food particles to become lodged in them, causing foul odors to come from your mouth. At times, people claim they can even taste the bad smell from their mouth. However, this can also be a sign of gum disease, so it’s important to get it checked out by a dentist as soon as possible.

6. Chewing Pain

If you notice any unfamiliar pain when chewing on food, it could be due to a cavity. If you feel a sharp pain after chewing on your meal, your tooth’s nerve may be infected because of a cavity. However, touching the affected area can tell you how much pain you’re in and the severity of it needing to be checked out. If you can’t touch your tooth without writhing in pain, you should visit your dentist immediately.


Top 5 Reasons for Using Field Management Software

Asset management is a challenge, one faced by almost every type of business in the world. As a matter of fact, asset management practices have everything to do with the earnings of utility enterprises. Since weak, disorganized, and inconsistent job lifecycles can slow down the progress of a company until it can no longer operate, entrepreneurs need to establish whether they’ve set up their businesses for success or failure. Besides improving the job lifecycle flow, properly implemented field scheduling applications can equip business management teams with the tools needed to ensure success. Here are five good reasons why businesses need to use field management software.

1. Customer data access

With access to the required information, service technicians can address a customer’s request more effectively. As such, ensuring this level of accessibility contributes towards effective preventative maintenance and workforce management. By providing customer contact information and histories, field management applications make it easier to complete the job, reducing the time required. The lesser the time needed to complete a request, the more your business and its customers stand to benefit. Additionally, field management solutions can provide access to specific details like equipment model numbers, meaning your service technicians will have everything they need to close tickets in a single visit.

2. Route planning

When it comes to remote workforce management, businesses usually rely on proper planning and coordination. With a field management solution, you can organize customer requests by location, reducing travel time, motor vehicle wear and tear, and fuel expenses. Besides creating time for more requests, a much tighter schedule gives you more time to focus on high-priority requests. In fact, GPS enabled applications can map out the most suitable route based on traffic and time-of-day.

3. Work order management

With a properly implemented field management application, you can create work orders internally and assign tasks to your field technicians remotely. The scheduling will be based on factors such as proximity, availability, urgency, and level of expertise. This enhanced functionality allows businesses to meet the needs of their clients with greater quality and speed. As such, both the company and the customer can end up saving a lot of time and money.

4. Recapture unapplied time

Field management software solutions can make the progress of all your work orders more visible. Technicians usually expect an 8-hour workday pay. But it’s not uncommon for some of them to pad their timesheets or perform non-billable tasks whenever an assignment is completed early. Field management applications can increase transparency and help reduce non-billable work, both of which can help improve productivity.

5. Identify trends

For field management solutions, reporting tools that can help you identify workflow patterns are a standard feature. Thanks to this functionality, productivity versus schedule saturation trends will become apparent, making it easy to weed out underperformers.


6 Benefits to Using Leak Detection on Your Products

Leak detection tests are an important part of food production. When you have equipment on premises, it allows you to conduct more tests to learn about how seals and packaging will hold up at different altitudes, and more. The benefits to using leak detection are numerous.

1. You Avoid Leaks

You don’t want to find out that your food leaked. Whether it’s during transit, at the store, or at a customer’s home, leaks are a bad thing. It could make it harder to establish trust in your product in the future, too.

A simple test can tell you everything you need to know about pressurization and the packaging itself.

2. You Avoid Spoilage

Even the smallest leak can cause the food to spoil before the expiration date. People buy from you expecting a good product. If there is a leak, even if you can’t see it, the food will go bad. Spoilage often results in product returns, which affects your bottom line.

It might also make it hard for people to return to your brand when they have experienced spoiled products from you in the past.

3. You Provide a Better Product

Your goal is to provide the best possible product. By spending an extra day or two in testing, you can give people a product that is well sealed. You know it won’t give off any emissions and that there is no leak.

The expiration date stamped on the product is also more likely to be valid. Otherwise, if it expires before the date you have identified, people will be disappointed.

4. You Learn More About Packaging

As you conduct tests on premises, you will learn a lot more about packaging. Some methods of packaging might work better than others. If you have failed vacuum-sealed tests in the past, you might want to look at another way to package a product.

Boxes, bags, cans, and other packaging can be tested inside of leak detection equipment. If you have any kind of issue, you can go back to the drawing board until you find something you’re satisfied with.

5. You Reduce Waste

If you send out a case of a product that is leaking, it’s going to come back to you. This is an entire case of food that cannot be sold. It becomes waste that you have to deal with.

The more product you send out without testing, the more likely you are to encounter waste. By running a few tests, you can determine the better packaging to ensure that all food is properly packaged and can hold up against any shipping method that you use.

6. You Increase Profits

Profits will increase as you improve your packaging. This is because you are less likely to deal with waste and returns. You also provide a better product, which in turn ensures that customers are happy with what you have to offer.

Knowing about leak detection will provide your business with more information. You can create a better product and avoid problems throughout operations.


4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Leak Detection Equipment Today

The use of quality leak detection equipment in your facility is a necessity. After all, this equipment is responsible for ensuring that your product packaging is properly sealed before it ships out to the market for sale. However, many companies are currently using outdated equipment that performs rather poorly. Upgrading this equipment periodically is beneficial and even necessary at times. There are several great reasons why now may be the right time to invest in new leak detection equipment for your business.

1. Ensure the Quality of Your Products
The quality of your products is directly affected by the packaging that you use. This packaging may prevent breakage, spoiling, contamination and more. When such issues happen to your products while they are en route to the market or directly to customers, the image of your company and brand can be jeopardized. The last thing you want is to be known as a company that sells broken products or spoiled food. It can take many long years to reverse this type of public image, so it is best to avoid reaching that point altogether. Leak detection packaging can be used to confirm the integrity of the packaging before each shipment, and this can protect your brand image.

2. Take Advantage of New Innovations
You may already have related equipment in use in your facility, but it could be old and outdated. Older equipment may be more likely to fail, or it may be less effective overall at detecting leaks in your product packaging. New innovations in this type of equipment have dramatically improved the results for all types of businesses. The only way to take advantage of the many benefits associated with the new innovations in your business is to make an upgrade.

3. Reduce the Risk of a Liability Lawsuit
In some instances, the quality of your food or other products can be so poor that your company is exposed to a liability issue. For example, your company may unintentionally sell food that has become contaminated with bacteria, and your customers may fall ill after eating it. This could result in a liability lawsuit filed against your company to pay for your customers’ medical bills and other related expenses. Such expenses can be astronomical, and this can have a major impact on your business’s ability to operate successfully. When you use leak detection equipment to confirm the quality of the packaging that you are using, you are making a solid effort to reduce your exposure to liability issues.

4. Improve Your Bottom Line
Everything from returned products and negative reviews about your business online to liability issues and more can be the result of poor packaging. Packaging issues can have a direct effect on your bottom line, and this can erode away profits and prevent you from having funds required to grow over time. If you are focused on improving your bottom line, you cannot take chances by using low-quality or outdated leak detection equipment. Upgrading now will help you to bolster profitability in the months and years to come.

It may be easy to view this type of equipment as rather unimportant, but you can see that the quality of the leak detection equipment in use in your facility can play a very real role in the overall success of your business. You and your team work hard to create quality products, and you need to use the right equipment to ensure that your packaging will protect those products properly until they are ready to be consumed. Now is a great time to learn more about the different features available in modern equipment.


Looted Treasures Return to Iraq

Iraq announced the return of hundreds of antiquities that had ended up in the United States, although 632 pieces repatriated last year were now unaccounted for.